Performance • Family Audience

Story! Story! Story Come!
African Folktales Reimagined

Maimouna Jallow (Nairobi)

Sun, 3 June 2018

4:00 – 5:00pm (No Intermission)

Play Den, The Arts House (Map)

Recommended for family audiences ages 5 and above
No admission for babies and children below 3 years

Re-Imagined Folktales from Africa is an enchanting collection of stories based on ancient tales from around the continent. The tales delve into historical facts and mysteries; provide children with valuable moral lessons on issues of social justice, and are funny, lively and engaging.

Uncle Modibo (Mali)
Uncle Modibo is a master cabinetmaker with a big dream – to build an art school in his community. But despite his best efforts, it seems that his project is cursed. That is until the community rally around him to make his dream come true.

Sweet Play (Nigeria)
When the water spirits catch Kimi spying on them, they worry that she will reveal their sacred songs and dance to the world. Indeed, she becomes an instant Internet sensation. Will she use her fame for good, or will the water spirits be forced to punish her?

The Giraffes of the Desert (Nigeria)
Deep in the Sahara, where the Tenere desert meets the Air Mountains, rest the gigantic carvings of two giraffes. Archaeologists tell us that they are over 18 feet tall and about 7-10,000 years old. How did they come to be? Did their far-seeing spirit guide hunters across the desert? And will they be there for generations to come? Moufa tells her story.

Why Children Should Not Work (Zambia)
When the King of Barotseland goes blind, his subjects vow to find a cure to restore their beloved ruler’s sight. A wise man reveals that the only way to do so is by capturing the ferocious monster of Lake Makapaela. Will the grown-ups be brave enough? Or will the children save the day and get a mighty reward?



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Maimouna Jallow

Story! Story! Story Come!

Maimouna is a Nairobi-based storyteller, journalist and communications consultant. She is co-founder and director of Positively African, an organisation that brings together a Pan-African network of activists, artists and academics working at the intersection between art and social justice. In 2015, Positively African launched The Nairobi Storytelling Festival. 

Most recently, Maimouna has adapted and performed novels by African women for the stage as part of a series called ‘Re-Imagined’. She has performed her adaptation of Lola Shoneyin’s acclaimed novel, The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives on several stages: Storymoja Festival  (Ghana); the Writivism Festival (Uganda); Stories of the Anthropocene Festival (Sweden); Africa Writes (UK); the Cairo International Festival for Contemporary & Experimental Theatre (Egypt); The Scottish International Storytelling Festival and at the Ake Arts and Book Festival (Nigeria). 

She is currently a fellow of the inaugural Ford Foundation African No Filter initiative, and is working on the ‘Re-Imagined Folktales’ children’s book with writers from across Africa and the diaspora. Her work has been featured on the BBC, Forbes Woman Africa, and The East African, amongst others. 

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