International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2020

How to Tell Personal Stories for a Story Slam

Anna Ong

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Story Slams are storytelling competitions similar to poetry slams. Through Story Slams, one challenges themselves to engage and capture an audience’s attention. This interview  will allow viewers to learn more about Story Slams and how they work, before delving into how to identify a good story and developing it further.

There’s always someone at a dinner party with a captivating story to tell and an audience that’s hanging on to their every word. How do you become that person with a good story to tell? Listen as creative producer Kamini Ramachandran interviews Anna Ong, founder of What's Your Story Slam.


  • What is a Story Slam? How does it work?
  • Understand the type of stories told at Story Slams
  • Discover tips and tricks on how to tell a story at a Story Slam
  • Discover what makes a good story
  • Learn where to find your story seeds
  • Observe a demonstration of a Story Slam story


  • Learn more about the various methods of finding stories
  • Identify the elements of a good story
  • Understand how to build the basic framework of a story


Anna Ong

Anna Ong is a storyteller, coach and entrepreneur. She works with teams and individuals in crafting stories in their own voice, and is a consultant for companies who are looking to develop their story strategy. Anna has been writing and telling stories since she was a small child. She wrote her own short stories when she ran out of books to read.

She had her first taste of live storytelling while performing at an improv show with Magnet Theatre in New York City in 2018, and since then she’s told stories at The Moth in NYC and with the Story District in Washington DC. Her background in financial services spans 15 years, in which she held various roles in sales, relationship management, business management, strategy and operations. After leaving the finance sector, Anna discovered her passion for storytelling. She then set up WYSH (What’s Your Story Huh), a professional development company that focuses on developing soft skills such as collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking using storytelling and improvisation. She also founded What’s Your Story Slam, a live storytelling competition, where Anna curates the stories, coaches the storytellers and hosts the show.

As a female entrepreneur, Anna is also a business coach and mentor for the Cartier Women’s Initiative, a business plan competition for female-founded social enterprises. Her coachee in 2019 won the Laureate for South Asia.