International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2020

Tales with Tails

Dr. Nazry Bahrawi

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Animal figures feature prominently in many legends across the world. Pigs, horses and donkeys populate one of the most famous modern classics, Animal Farm by George Orwell. The Malays have a rich tradition of narrating the tiger. This majestic creature features in oral folklores of yesteryears but it has also appeared in modern texts like P. Ramlee’s film Sitora Harimau Jadian and Eka Kurniawan’s Man Tiger, longlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2016. This lecture presentation will explore the appeal of animal fables and its relevance to the modern world.


  • Insightful presentation about the human fascination with animals.
  • Get to know animal stories from different cultures.
  • Understand the role of anthropomorphism in Literature.


  • Learn how to make sense of age-old stories.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the workings of anthropomorphism in stories.
  • Be able to draw connections between the self, society and nature in animal fables.


Dr. Nazry Bahrawi

Dr. Nazry Bahrawi specialises in the study of Muslim texts, thoughts and traditions of Indian Ocean cultures between Muslim Southeast Asia and the Middle East. His research is informed by decolonial theory, world literature, translation studies as well as literary and critical theory.

He serves on the international advisory board of Critical Muslim (Hurst & Co.), a UK-based quarterly of ideas and issues which presents Muslim perspectives on the great debates of our times. Dr. Nazry has translated two literary works from Bahasa to English by Singapore’s Cultural Medallion winners — Mohamed Latiff Mohamed’s collection of short stories, Lost Nostalgia (Ethos: 2017) and Nadiputra’s play, Lorong Buang Kok: The Musical (Cokelat: 2012).

Beyond the academia, he has published op-ed commentaries on Southeast Asian culture and society in international media platforms such as Al Jazeera, The Guardian, South China Morning Post and Today. His broadcast media appearances as a cultural critic include current affairs programmes aired on BBC, Al Jazeera, Channel NewsAsia, TRT World,  Suria, Deutsche Welle, South China Morning Post and The Straits Times.