International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2020

Chan Shu Yin

Chan Shu Yin, MA, AThR, is an art therapist and artist. In pursuing art therapy as a career, she marries her previous experiences of working as a film visual effects artist and serving in an organisation for people with disabilities. Shu Yin presented at Singapore’s first Child Trauma Conference 2019 on the topic of art therapy as a mind-body intervention. She is a recipient of the LASALLE’s Scholarship for postgraduate studies.

She founded Creative Earth Art Therapy, which serves individuals, groups and the community with a special focus on nature. Passionate about nature, she finds creative ways to combine the healing powers of nature with art therapy. Shu Yin was one of the artists for the community arts initiative, ‘Of Gardens and Dreams’ and co-created a public art installation with residents of Taman Jurong with a focus on nature and mental wellness. She has also facilitated arts for the public at various community events. As an artist, her art traverses the realms of Nature, human being’s relationship with it, as well as existentialism and the human condition.

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