International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2021

Lecture Presentation

Mindfulness as a Tool for Effective Storytelling

Nandini Nagpal

Sat 26 June 2021
4:00pm – 5:00pm SGT (Convert Time)
Online via Zoom
SGD 10

For adult participants ages 18 years old and above.

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Effective storytelling involves being in the moment – mindful of the experience created for others, as well as oneself. This interdisciplinary presentation invites you to connect with yourself and your stories at a deeper level by blending the elements of two ancient traditions – mindfulness and storytelling. The presentation will invite you to learn simple mindfulness techniques for greater self-awareness and connection and explore how to apply mindfulness and its qualities to your stories.

A note on mindfulness:
While secular mindfulness has gained popularity in recent years, it is rooted in an ancient practice that focuses on living with awareness. Practising mindfulness supplements your craft as a storyteller by:

  • being calmer and more connected
  • improving listening skills
  • being more observant and responsive
  • managing stress
  • improving memory
  • being more grounded and anchored, and confident
  • being more empathetic
  • being compassionate to oneself and others

Storytellers & Spoken Word Practitioners, Writers, Performance Artists, Educators, Parents, Caregivers


  • Building a deeper connection between the storyteller and the story
  • Apply the qualities of mindfulness when telling stories
  • Being more self-aware between and grounded as a storyteller

At the end of the presentation, participants will:

  • Use simple and practical mindfulness techniques immediately
  • Connect with audiences more effectively
  • Discover how to integrate mindfulness within your storytelling style


Photography & Video Recording Rules:

  • Unauthorised video and audio recording of this lecture presentation is strictly not permitted for this event.

Admittance Rules:

  • All patrons are required to purchase tickets for admission on Zoom. 
  • Each patron must have their own ticket. 
  • Patrons will be admitted at each session using the name and email address provided when purchasing tickets.
  • The lecture presentation will be recorded for archival purposes and may be used as marketing for future editions of the Festival. All recordings will remain with the Festival and not available for dissemination.
  • The lecture presentation is a one-time live-streamed event. Recorded versions of completed live-streamed events will not be made available to patrons.
  • Latecomers will be admitted at suitable intervals to minimise disruption to the lecture presentation.
  • No refunds, no exchange of tickets.


  • Use a laptop or computer (rather than a mobile device) for a better experience.
  • Please be in a quiet area with minimal background noise or disruptions where possible.


Nandini Nagpal
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Nandini Nagpal (Singapore)

Nandini Nagpal is a passionate storyteller who performs a broad range of stories for adults, teenagers, and children at storytelling festivals, public events, libraries and schools across Singapore. She conducts storytelling workshops and has been a workshop presenter at conferences. Apart from being a storyteller, Nandini is a mindfulness trainer and coach and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in counselling.