International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2021
Daniel Allison

Daniel Allison


Daniel Allison is a Scottish storyteller, author and podcaster. Equally at home telling stories in schools, prisons or onstage at global festivals, Daniel has a lyrical and evocative style that breathes new life into ancient stories. Daniel’s repertoire is rooted in Celtic legends but includes stories of magic and adventure from across the world, accompanied by music on didgeridoo, frame drum and singing bowls.

Daniel hosts the podcast House of Legends where he performs stories and hosts leading storytellers. In 2021, Daniel launched the Roundhouse Storytelling School, a unique online school for storytellers which draws students from across the globe.

As an author, Daniel writes collections of myths and legends including Scottish Myths and Legends and Finn & The Fianna, a retelling of the Finn MacCoull cycle for Irish and Scottish lore. He also writes fantasy inspired by myths and legends including his series The Orkney Cycle and its companion volume Silverborn. Daniel has lived in Uganda, India and Thailand and now divides his time between Scotland and Thailand.

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