International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2021
Kumuda Krovvidi

Kumuda Krovvidi


Kumuda is the Founder Director of Strokearts Studio Pte Ltd, a visual arts company engaged in enriching lives through art education. Kumuda has over ten years of experience in teaching art in Singapore. She holds a Certificate in Western Art (Part-Time) from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). She designed a skill-based curriculum for visual arts and Digital Art for students at International Schools and for workshops in local schools.

Her vision is to create an enrichment environment of skill- based training for visual arts such as drawing, painting and sculpting in Singapore. She has a passion for painting and is an artist who encourages awareness and appreciation for visual arts – especially Indian Art such as Madhubani, warli, Kalamkari, Pata Chitra and Gond.

In 2015, her artworks were used on limited edition commemorative stamps and EZ-link cards as part of Singapore President’s Charity Art Exhibition and Auction. Her visual exhibition of the Ramayana in Mithila Art was hosted at The Arts House. Her TEDx talk, Breaking Boundaries, was hosted at an international school in Singapore. Her book, An Introduction to Indian Folk Art Painting, was published in Singapore.

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