International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2021
Martina Pisciali

Martina Pisciali


Martina Pisciali is an Italian storyteller. She studied with Paola Balbi and Davide Bardi (Compagnia Raccontamiunastoria, Rome) and other worldwide renown storytellers. She has been telling regularly at Raccontamiunastoria – International Storytelling Festival in Rome and Storytellingtime – International Storytelling Festival in Bolzano (Italy).

Her repertoire ranges from traditional stories from her native mountains, the Alps, as well as Greek and Roman myths, and international folktales with a focus on the Middle East and the Mediterrenean. Having a Master's degree in Agricultural Sciences, she has a soft spot for stories related to nature.

Martina has a wide experience as a story-translator between English, Italian and German, languages that she speaks fluently. Between 2016 and 2019 she worked for several months both as a performer and as assistant to the Festival directors in Tales on the Island – The International Storytelling Festival in Sharjah (UAE). In 2017, she was the first storyteller selected for the Instant Acts against violence and racism tour that brings the performing arts in schools and prisons across all Germany.

After being selected for the F.E.S.T (Federation for European Storytelling) project “Young Storytellers in Europe” in 2018, in April 2019 she was invited by Abbi Patrix to Mix-Up Festival in Paris, to work on a bilingual story for the Cabaret Mix Up, at the École Internationale de théâtre Jacques Lecoq. She is the first European young storyteller to feature in Storyfest Singapore 2019.

She currently lives in South Tyrol, working as project manager and storyteller for Sagapò, crafting events, podcasts, workshops and collaborations to let the words “Once upon a time” be heard again and again.

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