International Storytelling Festival Singapore: Igniting Imaginations

StoryFest showcases the best of artistic and applied storytelling from Singapore and around the world to promote storytelling as an art form and cultural tradition. StoryFest is organised by The Storytelling Centre Ltd, a company limited by guarantee.

Presented by The Storytelling Centre Limited and The Arts House, StoryFest is an annual festival that celebrates and showcases a variety of styles, repertoire, and cultural arts presentations of storytelling from Singapore and around the world. Each year the Festival is curated based on a different theme that explores the current trends in storytelling. The Festival invites audiences to experience the power of stories and be transported on the wings of imagination and to momentarily suspend disbelief.

The Festival features two key platforms for Local Commissions – the Young Storytellers Showcase, presenting emerging storytelling talents, and The Singapore Showcase, featuring local storytellers and familiar faces from the Singapore spoken word scene. Our Family Shows are always a participatory treat for all, with plenty of singalong stories and interactive moments for audience involvement. The Festival showcases storytelling talents from around the world and provides opportunity for cultural awareness and sharing of global narratives.

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The different facets of storytelling are also explored through various workshops and presentations by practitioners in the field. The Festivals supports the application of storytelling in education, workplaces, social service sectors and other areas through specialized programming.

StoryFest is a hybrid Festival with both live events presented at The Arts House, as well as virtual programmes that reach out to a global audience.

Current & Past Festivals

Key Visual for StoryFest 2023

Story Walk

6 – 7 October 2023


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Key Visual for StoryFest 2022

Story Threads

28 June – 21 August 2022


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Key Visual for StoryFest 2021


20 June – 11 July 2021


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Key Visual for StoryFest 2020

The Heart of Story

17–27 July 2020


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Key Visual for StoryFest 2019

Make Believe

21–24 June 2019


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Key Visual for StoryFest 2018


1–3 June 2018


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Key Visual for StoryFest 2017

Stories for Change

2–4 June 2017


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Festival Highlights


Featured Artists

Singapore Based Artists

Photo of A Yagnya
A Yagnya
Photo of A’shua Imran
A’shua Imran
Photo of Aden Fidaus Jam’an
Aden Fidaus Jam’an
Photo of Akshita Nanda
Akshita Nanda
Photo of Andrea Alingalan
Andrea Alingalan
Photo of Anna Ong
Anna Ong
Photo of Annaliza Bakri
Annaliza Bakri
Photo of Artur Akhmetzyanov
Artur Akhmetzyanov
Photo of Aswani Aswath
Aswani Aswath
Photo of Athena Wee
Athena Wee
Photo of Bright Ong
Bright Ong
Photo of Chan Shu Yin
Chan Shu Yin
Photo of Charlotte Elizabeth
Charlotte Elizabeth
Photo of Choo Ruizhi
Choo Ruizhi
Photo of Cyril Wong
Cyril Wong
Photo of Daisy Mitchell
Daisy Mitchell
Photo of Daryl Qilin Yam
Daryl Qilin Yam
Photo of David Bok
David Bok
Photo of Dawn Lau
Dawn Lau
Photo of Dr. Edmund Chow
Dr. Edmund Chow
Photo of Dr. Nazry Bahrawi
Dr. Nazry Bahrawi
Photo of Emylia Safian
Emylia Safian
Photo of Fahim Murshed
Fahim Murshed
Photo of Farah Nurhazlinda Husni
Farah Nurhazlinda Husni
Photo of Frankie Malachi
Frankie Malachi
Photo of Gauraangi Chopra
Gauraangi Chopra
Photo of Grace Kalaiselvi
Grace Kalaiselvi
Photo of Hafiz Rashid
Hafiz Rashid
Photo of Helen Tan
Helen Tan
Photo of Jason Yee Tsai Sern
Jason Yee Tsai Sern
Photo of Jeremy Leong
Jeremy Leong
Photo of Judith Teo
Judith Teo
Photo of Jurveen Kaur Randhawa
Jurveen Kaur Randhawa
Photo of Kamil Haque
Kamil Haque
Photo of Kamini Ramachandran
Kamini Ramachandran
Photo of Karen Lee
Karen Lee
Photo of Kavitha Krishnan
Kavitha Krishnan
Photo of Khyan Kotak
Khyan Kotak
Photo of Kira Lim
Kira Lim
Photo of Kumuda Krovvidi
Kumuda Krovvidi
Photo of Laura Kee
Laura Kee
Photo of Laura Schuster
Laura Schuster
Photo of Liau Yun Qing
Liau Yun Qing
Photo of Lim Wen Shi Phoebe
Lim Wen Shi Phoebe
Photo of Marilyn White
Marilyn White
Photo of Melizarani T.Selva
Melizarani T.Selva
Photo of Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng
Photo of Mindy Neo
Mindy Neo
Photo of Mrigaa Sethi
Mrigaa Sethi
Photo of mslatenightjam
Photo of Nandini Nagpal
Nandini Nagpal
Photo of Nuraini Ariel Malik
Nuraini Ariel Malik
Photo of Nurulhuda Izyan Mhd Hafiz
Nurulhuda Izyan Mhd Hafiz
Photo of Panna Kantilal
Panna Kantilal
Photo of Paul Rozario-Falcone
Paul Rozario-Falcone
Photo of Petrina Kow
Petrina Kow
Photo of Rachel Yang
Rachel Yang
Photo of Rayanna Dibs
Rayanna Dibs
Photo of Rohshini Thiagarajan
Rohshini Thiagarajan
Photo of Saher Rida Hashmi
Saher Rida Hashmi
Photo of Sharvesh Leatchmanan
Sharvesh Leatchmanan
Photo of Shivram Gopinath
Shivram Gopinath
Photo of Soumee De
Soumee De
Photo of Stella Lim
Stella Lim
Photo of Stephanie Dogfoot
Stephanie Dogfoot
Photo of Suchithra Raman
Suchithra Raman
Photo of Suharti Suhaimi
Suharti Suhaimi
Photo of Sunita Chiu
Sunita Chiu
Photo of Syed Ibrahim
Syed Ibrahim
Photo of Tan Joo Hymn
Tan Joo Hymn
Photo of Tham Pui San
Tham Pui San
Photo of Vanessa Phang
Vanessa Phang
Photo of Verena Tay
Verena Tay
Photo of Victor Emmanuel
Victor Emmanuel
Photo of Wang Shao Kai
Wang Shao Kai
Photo of Wesley Leon Aroozoo
Wesley Leon Aroozoo
Photo of Yip Yew Chong
Yip Yew Chong
Photo of Zac Denver Lee
Zac Denver Lee
Photo of Zarina Muhammad
Zarina Muhammad

International Artists

Photo of Ahmed Lafeer
Ahmed Lafeer
Photo of Amanda Edmiston
Amanda Edmiston
Photo of Ana Maria Lines
Ana Maria Lines
Photo of Annalisa Salis
Annalisa Salis
Photo of Daniel Abercrombie
Daniel Abercrombie
Photo of Daniel Allison
Daniel Allison
Photo of David Novak
David Novak
Photo of Deric Ee
Deric Ee
Photo of Dr. Nicola Grove
Dr. Nicola Grove
Photo of Jackie Kerin
Jackie Kerin
Photo of Jesper la Cour Andersen
Jesper la Cour Andersen
Photo of Joanna Grace
Joanna Grace
Photo of Maimouna Jallow
Maimouna Jallow
Photo of Mara Menzies
Mara Menzies
Photo of Martina Pisciali
Martina Pisciali
Photo of May Chong
May Chong
Photo of Maya Zaharudin
Maya Zaharudin
Photo of Mia Sabrina Mahadir
Mia Sabrina Mahadir
Photo of Naomi Wilds
Naomi Wilds
Photo of Nisha Nair
Nisha Nair
Photo of Paola Balbi
Paola Balbi
Photo of Peter Chand
Peter Chand
Photo of Preeti Vyas
Preeti Vyas
Photo of Rajveer Singh
Rajveer Singh
Photo of Ruth Kirkpatrick
Ruth Kirkpatrick
Photo of Sef Townsend
Sef Townsend
Photo of Steve Killick
Steve Killick
Photo of Susan Perrow
Susan Perrow
Photo of Troels Kirk Ejsing
Troels Kirk Ejsing
Photo of Xanthe Gresham-Knight
Xanthe Gresham-Knight
Sun Breath


The Storytelling Centre Limited is a non-profit organisation based in Singapore. Our core mission is to foster and advance the art of storytelling through performances, collaborations, artistic exchanges, mentorships, training and community outreach.

The Storytelling Centre Limited firmly believes that stories are storehouses of Singapore’s unique multidimensional legacy. The oral traditions of folktales, mythology, legends and fables are avenues for preserving, showcasing and developing Singapore’s rich and diverse heritage. Our focus is on ensuring the sustainability of the art form by nurturing emerging Young Storytellers.


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