International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2021


Mindfulness as a Tool for Effective Storytelling

Nandini Nagpal

Sat 26 June 2021
11:00am – 1:00pm
Living Room, The Arts House (Map)

For adult participants ages 18 years old and above.

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Effective storytelling involves being in the moment – mindful of the experience created for others, as well as oneself. This interdisciplinary workshop invites you to develop a practice of looking inward, to connect deeper with yourself and your story. Learn to connect with stories at a deeper level by blending the elements of two ancient traditions – mindfulness and storytelling. Pick up simple mindfulness techniques to stay grounded and grow self-awareness to better support yourself and your community.

A note on mindfulness:
While secular mindfulness has gained popularity in recent years, it is rooted in an ancient practice that focuses on living with awareness. Practising mindfulness supplements your craft as a storyteller by:

  • being calmer and more connected
  • improving listening skills
  • being more observant and responsive
  • managing stress
  • improving memory
  • being more grounded and anchored, and confident
  • being more empathetic
  • being compassionate to oneself and others

Storytellers & Spoken Word Practitioners, Writers, Performance Artists, Educators, Parents, Caregivers


  • Building a deeper connection between the storyteller and the story
  • Apply the qualities of mindfulness when telling stories
  • Cultivating greater self-awareness between the storyteller, the story and the audience

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Use simple and practical mindfulness techniques immediately
  • Connect with audiences more effectively
  • Discover how to integrate mindfulness within your storytelling style


Photography & Video Recording Rules:

  • Unauthorised video and audio recording is not permitted for this event.
  • Photography without flash and without disrupting the artists/event is permitted within reason.

Admittance Rules:

  • All patrons are required to purchase tickets for admission.
  • Admission is subject to proof of tickets purchased.
  • Latecomers advisory: All latecomers must wait for suitable cue for seating.
  • No refunds, no exchange of tickets.


Nandini Nagpal
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Nandini Nagpal (Singapore)

Nandini Nagpal is a passionate storyteller who performs a broad range of stories for adults, teenagers, and children at storytelling festivals, public events, libraries and schools across Singapore. She conducts storytelling workshops and has been a workshop presenter at conferences. Apart from being a storyteller, Nandini is a mindfulness trainer and coach and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in counselling.