International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2021


Puppets and Narratives

Bright Ong

Sun 27 June 2021
11:00am – 1:00pm & 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Living Room, The Arts House (Map)

For adult participants ages 18 years old and above.

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From giant floating spectres, to 360 views of digital palaces as part of live-action puppetry on film, to peephole puppetry, Bright Ong has worked with a delightful range of puppets. Not all puppets are the same, so how do different puppets shape your performance – whether you’re in a classroom, a blackbox or outdoors? Drawing from his experience gain insights to different puppet types. Learn how best to include puppets in your storytelling.

We invite you to create a simple one-hander puppet out of recycled materials to take home and support your storytelling.

Materials will be provided.

Artists, Educators, Parents & Caregivers


  • Build awareness of different puppet styles
  • Explore a short introduction to puppetry
  • Discover different puppet types (e.g. shadow puppets, rod puppets, giant puppets etc.)
  • Understand how puppets can shape your story

At the end of the workshop, participants will:

  • Appreciate different styles and types of puppetry
  • Evaluate which puppets to use for different performances
  • Learn how to use recycled materials to make a simple puppet
  • Understand how to include puppets in your storytelling


Photography & Video Recording Rules:

  • Unauthorised video and audio recording is not permitted for this event.
  • Photography without flash and without disrupting the artists/event is permitted within reason.

Admittance Rules:

  • All patrons are required to purchase tickets for admission.
  • Admission is subject to proof of tickets purchased.
  • Latecomers advisory: All latecomers must wait for suitable cue for seating.
  • No refunds, no exchange of tickets.


Bright Ong
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Bright Ong (Singapore)

Bright is a multidisciplinary performance-maker with an established and diverse practice in theatre and puppetry. He led an award-winning production for Ninjago: The Realm of Shadows at Legoland Malaysia and collaborates with arts groups including Esplanade, Wild Rice and The Artground. He has been featured at international festivals. He loves to challenge existing genres of art and is excited to combine puppetry, video gaming and storytelling for the digital realm.