International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2021

Performance • Family Audience

Stories From Our Shores
The Young Storytellers Showcase

Charlotte Elizabeth, Fahim Murshed, Aden Firdaus Jam’an, Syed Ibrahim, Yip Yew Chong

Fri 25 June & Sat 26 June 2021
4:30pm – 5:30pm
Play Den, The Arts House (Map)

Recommended for ages 7 year old and up.

  • Due to Safe Management Measures, patrons may not be seated together.
  • We recommend purchasing tickets in pairs (2) so that each child is seated with an adult.
  • Purchase of single tickets (1), is restricted to limited quantities and is recommended for adult patrons attending alone.
  • We seek your cooperation in adhering to safe distancing guidelines for audience seating.

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Storytellers: Charlotte Elizabeth & Fahim Murshed
Musicians: Syed Ibrahim & Aden Firdaus
Visual artist: Yip Yew Chong
Director: Kamini Ramachandran

Calling all explorers, adventurers and bravehearts! Trace the roots of Singapura through heroes who once travelled to the kingdom beneath the sea, and those who triumphed over strongmen in tournaments.

March along with Raja Suran’s army of men and beasts on their expedition in search of an elusive kingdom. And listen to Badang’s rise from slave boy to a champion and warrior.

Through a mix of storytelling, percussive instruments and vibrant illustrations, journey back in time and be immersed in the legends of majestic Singapura. Delve into the treasures of our oral tradition and be proud of who we are.

Stories from Our Shores was presented by MoonShadow Stories as part of the Esplanade’s NAC-AEP Feed Your Imagination (F.Y.I) Series 2021.

Recommended for ages 7 year old and up.

Badang the Magnificent | Badang Perkasa
Charlotte Elizabeth

Badang, the legendary strongman from Malay folklore, didn’t always have super strength. A struggling orphan in a little village, he was later tricked into slavery by a rich man. One day, he meets a water spirit or hantu air who grants him a life-changing wish. Journey with Badang as he breaks free and rises to become Badang the Magnificent.

Raja Suran’s Expedition
Fahim Murshed

Did you know that Sang Nila Utama was a descendent of the sea kingdom? Starting with Raja Suran’s expedition in search of an elusive land, travel from India to the depths of the ocean. Just as our forefathers made tough journeys to start a new life in Singapore, join this epic adventure that follows three generations of hardships and triumphs.


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  • Photography without flash and without disrupting the artists/event is permitted within reason.

Admittance Rules:

  • All patrons are required to purchase tickets for admission.
  • Admission is subject to proof of tickets purchased.
  • Latecomers advisory: All latecomers must wait for suitable cue for seating.
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  • All adults and children are required to purchase tickets for admission.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the programme.


Charlotte Elizabeth
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Charlotte Elizabeth (Singapore)

Charlotte is a trained actor, storyteller and performer with a Diploma in Performance at LASALLE College Of The Arts. She has performed for adults through immersive theatre productions and storytelling performances for StoryFest since 2018. She tells stories to young audiences as part of Terrific Tales at The Artground, Once Upon A Time Storytelling at Gateway Theatre Kids Club and Stories to Celebrate for the Esplanade’s Red Dot August.

Fahim Murshed
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Fahim Murshed (Singapore)

Fahim Murshed is an actor and storyteller rooted in improvisation and comedy. A graduate from LASALLE’s Diploma in Performance programme, he began telling stories at A Caravan of Stories, The Young Storytellers Showcase for StoryFest 2018. He has since performed at A Night of Terrifying Tales for TEXTURES 2019, Stories to Celebrate for Esplanade’s Red Dot August 2019 and Spooktacular Storytelling for the Irish Embassy’s online Halloween event in 2020.

Aden Firdaus Jam’an
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Aden Firdaus Jam’an (Singapore)

Aden is a percussionist and arts educator who facilitates community drum circles and rhythm-centred events. A business school graduate, he is passionate to build his knowledge of music-making and pedagogy and actively completes training. He has performed at multiple National Day Performances, international festivals and more. Aden is currently Head of Artistic Affairs at OneHeartBeat and is a freelance musician and arts educator.

Syed Ibrahim
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Syed Ibrahim (Singapore)

Syed attained his Master’s degree in Arts Pedagogy & Practices from the Goldsmith’s University of London at the age of 64. Well-known in his field for revolutionising Percussion music and integrated arts programmes, he works with partners including the National Arts Council, Agency for Integrated Care and People’s Association to provide arts education programmes for everyone from children to the elderly. Syed also develops training programmes and mentors young arts educators.

Yip Yew Chong
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Yip Yew Chong (Singapore)

Yip Yew Chong is a Singaporean artist who practises different visual mediums like murals, canvas, sketches, installations, digital drawing, photography and video-making. His intricately detailed artworks tell stories of his childhood, a bygone era or lost places and present day scenes in a whimsical manner. He hopes that his art evokes fond memories and inspires audiences to tell their own stories. He travels for inspiration and to enrich his worldviews.