International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2021

Lecture Presentation

The Healing Power of Stories
An Introduction to the Use of Therapeutic Stories

Susan Perrow

Thu 8 July 2021
9:00am – 10:00am SGT (Convert Time)
Online via Zoom
SGD $10

Adult participants above 18 years

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Explore the possibilities of therapeutic storytelling with Susan Perrow whose sessions and books have been described as “fun, educational and inspiring”. Her lecture will draw from more than 15 years of experience writing therapeutic stories and training educators, caregivers and health professionals  (including therapists and school counsellors).

If you’re new to therapeutic storytelling, this one hour lecture will be a great starting point. Techniques and methods from the lecture may be used with children, teens and adults.

Get your tickets and be inspired by the healing power of stories today.

Recommended for:
Special Needs Sector, Teachers & Educators, Counsellors & Therapists, Parents & Caregivers, Community Facilitators, Storytellers, Performing Artists


  • Listen to acclaimed therapeutic storyteller and published author
  • Notable works include: Therapeutic Storytelling: 101 Healing Stories for Children, Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour, An A-Z Collection of Behaviour Tales: From Angry Ant to Zestless Zebra (Storytelling), Stories to Light the Night: A Grief and Loss Collection for Children, Families and Communities (Storytelling)

At the end of this lecture, participants will:

  • Discover a range of therapeutic stories suitable for all ages
  • Explore stories to soothe, help, motivate, give hope and build resilience
  • Learn therapeutic story writing frameworks – simple to use, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer


Susan Perrow
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Susan Perrow (Australia)

Susan is an Australian author with an extensive background in teaching, teacher training, storytelling and course facilitating. She works with ‘story medicine’ and writes, collects and documents stories that offer a therapeutic journey. When it was safe, she travelled internationally giving keynotes and training seminars for teachers, parents and therapists. She recently developed online training sessions.