StoryFest: International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2023

About StoryFest

Presented by The Storytelling Centre Limited and Arts House Limited, StoryFest is an annual festival that celebrates and showcases a variety of styles, repertoire and cultural arts presentations of storytelling from Singapore and around the world.

Cities are built from stories, and in telling them, we open new windows into their histories. This year, StoryFest takes audiences outdoors with Story Walk – a storytelling trail with three spellbinding word-weavers, delivering unique public art-inspired perspectives. Come re-experience the surroundings and monuments of the dynamic Civic District, and view our most iconic skylines in a refreshing new light.

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Festival Organiser

The Storytelling Centre Limited is a non-profit organisation based in Singapore. Our core mission is to foster and advance the art of storytelling through performances, collaborations, artistic exchanges, mentorships, training and community outreach.

The Storytelling Centre Limited firmly believes that stories are storehouses of Singapore’s unique multidimensional legacy. The oral traditions of folktales, mythology, legends and fables are avenues for preserving, showcasing and developing Singapore’s rich and diverse heritage. Our focus is on ensuring the sustainability of the art form by nurturing emerging Young Storytellers.

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The StoryFest 2023 Team

Kamini Ramachandran
Creative Producer

Kamini Ramachandran is a pioneer in the field of oral storytelling in Asia. Through her work in Moonshadow Stories she is known for promoting storytelling for adult audiences. She founded The Storytelling Centre Limited to advance the art of storytelling through the Young Storytellers Mentorship Programme, and producing StoryFest Singapore.

Known for her site-specific storytelling experiences she has designed and produced story tours, story walks and immersive storytelling experiences that breathe life into cultural and heritage spaces.

For her latest works, follow her on Instagram @kaministoryteller.

Jasmine See
Project Manager

Jasmine See is an emerging producer with a strong interest in alternative modes of operation, artistic creation and presentation, as well as community-based resource gathering and sharing. This has led to her involvement with Producers SG and Big Duck Music as an organising team member. Passionate about various artforms, Jasmine has been involved in music, dance and visual arts projects.

JX Soo

JX Soo is a writer and photographer. Interested in intersections of culture and the arts, their writings have been published across publications including NME and MusicTech, alongside founding local music webzine Big Duck Music. They currently study at Yale-NUS College.

Zane Motalif
Digital Editor

Zane’s passion for the arts ignited during his polytechnic days. Over the years, he has taken a holistic approach in developing his passion, particularly in festival operations. In LASALLE, Zane was part of the team for RIF 2019 and AWLI 2020. An internship with The Storytelling Centre Limited further developed his skills in digital content creation. Zane hopes to break new boundaries and further his capabilities as an arts manager.

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