StoryFest: International Storytelling Festival Singapore 2023


The Singapore River is a source of narratives that harks back to the time of maritime trade when ships came from far and wide.

I have always wanted to expand StoryFest outside of The Arts House and take our audiences on a listening experience that unearthed tales within the vicinity. What other ‘thread’ than our iconic river to connect this entire experience for our seventh StoryFest!

This year’s StoryFest presents Story Walk, an outdoor roving storytelling experience along the Civic District’s riverside. During the story walk, audiences will listen to original stories inspired by three bench artworks featured in the Benchmarks public art installations.

The Civic District has always been a place that has held the stories of many communities. The monuments and heritage sites are custodians of history, oration and performed words.

We also have The Singapore River winding through as a link to tales from our past. Story Walk is a stroll along the riverside punctuated by three art benches as opportune moments for oral stories to be shared. As audiences encounter visual artworks and heritage buildings along the way, our storytellers will weave stories that combine historical facts with fictionalized tales.

The entire experience culminates in a communal creative activity of paper folding to make our own mini art benches. Here’s where audiences meet each other, make new friends, and begin to share their own stories while crafting with their hands and imaginations. These benches are not only mementoes of the whole visual and aural journey, but they are also tangible narratives unique to each participant.

Story Walk is an artistic response to remember the many storytellers who sat by this river and shared tales a long time ago.

I would like our audiences to become curious about the stories that reside within the walls of monuments and in the forms of artworks.

Slow down, listen, and discover.

Kamini Ramachandran
Creative Producer
StoryFest 2023
Photo of Kamini Ramachandran

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This visual representation is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent the actual locations of the benches.